Anatomy of A Simple Course Intro Video


  1. Big ideas” and essential questions for your course (see Understanding by Design).
  2. Patience and discipline to do step #1 first and do it well… really.
  3. An instructor with a rough script of how they want to convey the big ideas for their course (it doesn’t hurt to have a quirky/snarky hook).
  4. Some good coffee and friend/colleague/acquaintance/stranger who has a simple HD video capture device (in this case an iPhone 4S).
  5. A tripod and mount (e.g., Studio Neat Glif Tripod Mount & Stand for iPhone 4 & 4S).
  6. A semi-solid background to shoot against.
  7. A couple of lights.
  8. About 30 minutes to shoot the video, hopefully getting it all in one take.
  9. A bit of a tolerance for minor oratory mistakes.
  10. A simple non-linear video editing program (e.g., iMovie).
  11. A bit of self-control on how much post-production you want to do (not necessarily demonstrated in the example below).
  12. About one hour to edit the video, compress, and upload.
  13. Some students who will, upon entering the course LMS, appreciate seeing a real person and a really compelling reason to engage with course content.

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