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Holy moly…all I can say is that SOMEONE is going to have to hit the ground running. #whoa

— Amy Collier (@amcollier) August 1, 2013

Corrected tweet: Holy moly…all I can say is that @ajsalts is going to have to hit the ground running. #whoa 🙂

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POD 2012 Presentation – Virtual Simulations and Cooperative Learning

(I’m not sure why SlideShare ate some of the PNGs.)

Here is our research presentation (Effects of Virtual Labs and Cooperative Learning in Anatomy Instruction) from the the POD 2012 Conference in Seattle, WA. Thanks to all who came and contributed! Some of my notes from the conference are also embedded below.


Backwards Design & Melding In-Class and Online Pedagogies

Below are two presentations we used in our Faculty and Organizational Development Spring Institute Workshop: “Tech-Savvy Teaching: Melding In-Class and Online Pedagogies.” It’s a little hard to follow out-of-context, but I was really proud of the fact that, before diving into technology tools, we spent almost a whole day on backwards design, big ideas/essential […]

Anatomy of A Simple Course Intro Video


Matching Pedagogy and Technology (or ‘beware of dog’ or ‘the great divide’)

Vanderbilt’s Center for Teaching recently highlighted an excellent POD article by Tami Eggleston about matching tried and true instructional design models (e.g., Bloom’s Taxonomy, the “7 Principles”) with affordances of technology tools. In addition, the TLT Group has long maintained an excellent web page matching the Seven Principles of Good Teaching Practice […]

Writing and the Social Network

I recently had a student email me and ask my thoughts on the role of Facebook and social networks in teaching and learning. I’m far from the expert in this and it’s not really in my area of research, but I was a bit surprised by some of my responses. I was […]

iFrame It Together and Call It Bad Weather

The deep freeze has settled into Michigan so here’s a little Jack Johnson and a quick tip to drive away the winter blues.


Great Lakes Conference on Teaching and Learning

I was privileged to present at the Great Lakes Conference on Teaching and Learning today on “Making it fit: Matching instructional technology with learning task”. As always, I consider good talks as those that barely get the ball rolling and create more cognitive dissonance than convergent solutions. I’m not sure if I […]