In my research I seek to understand how social context and technologies differentially and dynamically interact with the social psychological and developmental processes underlying teaching and learning. READ MORE


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Cooperation and Computer-mediated Communication

Cooperative learning capitalizes on the relational processes by which peers promote learning, yet it remains unclear whether these processes operate similarly in face-to-face and online settings. READ MORE

Multimedia, Simulations, and Learning Transfer

An important empirical questions is whether multimedia and virtual Simulations can enhance learning transfer, especially in the STEM disciplines. READ MORE

Resilience – Lost Boys of Sudan

I have worked on a multidisciplinary team examining the lived experience of a group of unaccompanied refugee youth popularly called the Lost Boys of Sudan.  You can find more information on what we’ve been doing with Lost Boys project. READ MORE

Various Research Presentations

Beyond that, you can find a collection of other research presentations I’ve presented at various conferences or produced for coursework. READ MORE

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