Statement of Teaching Philosophy

My goal as an educator is to facilitate student-centered learning that enables students to solve authentic problems and creatively exploit opportunities encountered outside the classroom. READ MORE

Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Quantitative and qualitative evidence of my teaching effectiveness and excellence. READ MORE

Example Syllabi & Assignments

Included are syllabi and assignments from courses I have developed and taught. READ MORE

Teaching Philosophy Project: A Web-based exploration in the development of online texts related to teaching philosophy.

I set out to explore more deeply the pages that formed at the top of my Google search for “teaching philosophy”. More specifically, I wondered if the rise of online learning and Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) changed how “we” approach teaching and develop teaching philosophies. READ MORE

Faculty Development Presentations

Currently half of my time is spent working with faculty to design active, innovative, and evidence-based learning experiences. I also work a lot on teaching others how to think about integrating instructional technology with their pedagogy. READ MORE

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