No, thank you.

As cliche as it sounds and inaccurate as it feels in many a difficult moment, we can never out-give kids, never. I don’t regret any second of time I’ve spent over the past 11 years trying to help kids learn stuff. I regret a lot of other seconds, but not […]

Some dude not getting paid, doing it for his cousins


Prompted by a recent talk I attended by the brilliant Punya Mishra, I re-watched this 2011 Charlie Rose interview with Sal Khan. It was well worth the price of admission just to hear Punya’s point on the disconnect between the higher order skills Khan employs to create his videos (e.g., immerse, question, scaffold, make […]


I caught the tail end of a very interesting PBS “American Masters” special on Jerry Robbins (of West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, and Gypsy fame to name a few) last night. I had previously no knowledge of the man, and I consider myself less than an expert on Broadway musicals […]