Listen, just listen.


The tragedy at Penn State is difficult to handle on numerous levels and unlike many national voices, I don’t feel in a position to nor would it be helpful if I were to judge the facts or people of the situation. As an aside, one of the most balanced views I’ve […]

No, thank you.

As cliche as it sounds and inaccurate as it feels in many a difficult moment, we can never out-give kids, never. I don’t regret any second of time I’ve spent over the past 11 years trying to help kids learn stuff. I regret a lot of other seconds, but not […]

tech, change, me

[This was written for an assignment of sorts and, as a result, is long, somewhat pedantic, and self-indulgent — all being requisites.]

As a developmentalist and someone who is deeply interested in technology and learning, I think that technology is changing humans in important ways (e.g., psychosocial development, identity development, […]