My Academic Heros (in no particular order)

“There is nothing so practical as a good theory.” Kurt Lewin Summary: Father of modern social psychology. “Freud the clinician and Lewin the experimentalist–these are the two men whose names will stand out before all others in the history of our psychological era. For it is their contrasting but complementary insights which first made […]

From Philly with Love

Welcome from rainy, windy Philadelphia. I’ve been down here the past couple of days for the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence. Below I will list an eclectic mix of quick travel, research, and conference thoughts:

Here’s a painfully obvious, but oft neglected list of essentials when it comes […]


I am unable to confirm whether bombasity is an actual word. It’s not in the dictionary proper, but a Google search yields 986 hits so I trust it will eventually become a part of our vernacular, because Google is knowledge. I do know that bombasity has very little to do […]