Learning to Share – More Woz Than Jobs

I don’t like to admit it, but sharing doesn’t come naturally to me. Like many I’m a great digital consumer, but quite guarded in what I produce and share. I’m learning that this just isn’t an acceptable position, at least not in the world of education. As an educator, I’ve benefitted so much from others’ willingness to put themselves out there and freely (as in beer) share ideas that could be peddled for real cash. I’ve been encouraged, challenged, enriched, and inspired by the many educators who serve their students and the academic community to the best of their ability. In short, I’m so glad most are more “Woz” than “Jobs“. I’m not saying that monetizing good ideas is inherently evil, just a slippery and intoxicating slope in that direction.  It’s clear that the way forward is an open one. It’s “Where Good Ideas Come From“. It’s the most powerful movement of the information age and it’s time I contributed…



…in a really small and insignificant way — baby steps. It took a while, but Evernote has become my favorite productivity app. One of my favorite features is just how simple it is to share information via their excellent web interface. So, I’ve embedded (see HERE for how I do it) my running notebook of books I’d like to read or have read.



[Photo Credit: Brian Matis http://www.flickr.com/photos/brianjmatis/]

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